What is the Best Diet For Fast Weight Loss?

People are always asking, “What is the best diet for fast weight loss, preferably the one that can melt off the fats in an instant?” First, we need to get something straight: unless you want to undergo liposuction, there really is no fast weight loss program that can make the lifesaver around your waist disappear instantaneously. Body fats are actually an accumulation of all the calories from the food you have eaten, over a certain period of time, which you could not expend in your daily routine. Unfortunately, it also takes a certain period of time before the said accumulation can be melted away.

So the best diet for fast weight loss is actually the one that will not add more calories to your diet; and at the same time, increase the rate of your metabolism as well. This is so that your body can actually use the accumulated fats by converting these into calories which you would need for everyday movement. If you add exercise to your weight loss program, you can burn up more calories as well.

The oldest, most efficient and best diet for fast weight loss has and always been fasting. Despite what people think, fasting does not meant that you will abstain from food and drink altogether. That kind of definition is probably the most extreme kind of fasting there is and one that only a handful of people can do in a limited time only. More often than not, fasting means to eat very little (as compared to your regular diet) and / or abstain from certain food or drinks. Fasting can also mean you do not eat certain meals for a period of time. For example, as a form of fasting, you skip all breakfasts for a month. Additionally, fasting may mean you skip some kinds of food but increase the amount of other kinds of food.

If you are really fasting to get to a certain goal weight, the best diet for fast weight loss would be to skip all sugary food (doughnuts, chocolate bars, even those frosted cereals in the morning) and increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables instead. (You do not necessarily have to eat these raw – just not processed.) Also, steer clear of packaged “diet” food and protein shakes that are loaded with extenders and preservatives (plus sugar) that may have very little nutritional value but will make you crave for food even more. Also, as part of your best diet for fast weight loss you could increase your consumption of naturally spicy condiments and dishes, particularly those that have capsicum: bell peppers; cayenne peppers; chili peppers; habañero; jalapeño; chili and paprika powder.

There are multiple studies that by increasing such food in your diet, your body naturally creates “heat” that helps burn more calories. In fact, there are specific researches in England that states that the correct amount of cayenne intake helps burn up calories as effective as running on a treadmill for 2 minutes. However, in order to maintain to help the “fat melting” process along, doctors are also recommending that you drink more water and eating more fiber-rich food too, so that the toxins in your body (and everything else that you do not want to convert into body fats again) are literally flushed out of your system.

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