Do you want to slim? Then you should pay attention to, and the proportion of three meals a day according to the monastery only. The proportion of eating: Breakfast 2 Lunch 3 Dinner 1. This proportion of the most help you lose weight.

Weight loss, the meals must be the normal intake, consumption of breakfast is the ideal ratio of 2, 3 lunch, dinner one. Sooner or later the body of energy to light up the engine a very important meal, if the do not eat breakfast, then it can not raise the body temperature, promoting good blood circulation, reduce brain cell activity, but also the flow of qi and blood stagnation in the body.

Protein intake may increase body temperature, so the menu can be added easily digestible food eggs. On access to energy, the lunch is an important meal of the day, we must eat nutritionally balanced food packages and surface class should pay attention to a balanced mix of food.

Dinner is the lightest volume of intake. Most likely to sleep at night to promote synthesis of too much accumulation of fat, so to minimize the intake of fatty food. Should be based on the dietary intake of protein and vegetables, mainly beef intake should be elected on the back and thigh meat, chicken breasts the best selection. In addition there should be more intake of legumes, such as tofu and so on.

Now, you know it? How do you want to slim a reasonable intake of three meals a day, so that nutrition and weight loss do not conflict.

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