My problem with weight started during my college years. Previous to that, I was very athletic, dabbling in racket sports and martial arts. I had been an active tennis player, playing nationally sanctioned tournaments and making it to the quarter finals in the four years I competed seriously. I then moved to kickboxing as a new sport of interest and was completely involved in it. By the time I went to college, I found little time for sports because of the various extra curricular activities I was into, I also learned how to consume huge amounts of alcohol and alongside my huge appetite, which I could get away with when I was active in sports, I found myself at the end of my college years, more than forty pounds heavier than my ideal weight.

Going to work on my own business after school left me little time or focus on getting fit as these years were spent on becoming successful in my career. Again this situation led me to disregard my unhealthy practices of no exercise, excessive eating and consuming huge amounts of alcohol; ergo, more weight gain. It was after doing an executive check up for my insurance premium, when I found out how unhealthy I was that I decided to try a dietary system which allowed me to try to lose weight and be healthy without taking too much time away from my business. The diet system I used had me teaming up with another user, and we would try to meet once a week.

This was my first introduction to weight loss support groups. My buddy and I would try to talk about the things we did and if we slid or cheated from the diet we were trying to follow. Once a month, we had meeting with a bigger weight loss support group. These meeting were comprised of several weight support groups, seven or eight groups, about 5 people per group so there would be around 40 to 50 of us. These meetings were sponsored in part by the company we subscribed to in our dietary management system.

What made it interesting to be part of these combined weight loss support groups was that everyone had a story to tell on how they gained the weight and why they were trying to lose it. Some felt that their spouses looked differently to them; others wanted to be healthy for their young kids. Still for most of us, we simply let our bodies go big because we were busy trying to further our careers. The best thing that I learned from meeting with this weight loss support groups is that it centered me and helped me find my balance.

Source by Steven Magill