You are overweight for very simple reasons and therefore first you have to understand these simple reasons and then do very simple things to get rid of FAT.

The first thing to understand is that if you do not eat properly then your body will be shocked thinking that it will not have enough calories to work properly , therefore what happens is that it will stick and preserve your fat as the body knows that FAT is for long lasting energy.
But what does eat properly mean in real terms-we will understand this as we go along.
Now to get rid of your fat you must do something which you did not do before because otherwise if you continue in your normal pattern you will keep your normal fat which you have accumulated.
Let us take an example of how fat builds up and clogs your kitchen sink drains . If the kitchen drains are blocked with fat, then pouring cold water from the tap to push away the fat will not help. Therefore drinking eight glasses of water each day might not be enough to help you. Then you try hot running water in your sink but this will not help either. Finally you try a product  and flush it with water later and you can succeed but sometimes you do not succeed until you actually push it yourself out of the drains with special equipment because the fat has become too solid after many years.
Now do not get confused here, what I am saying is there are different ways of dealing with weight loss depending on how many years or months you have carried that fat with you, if you exercise or not and also if you form part of the special population (being diabetic, asthmatic etc) and sometimes it also depends on what operations you have had before and also sometimes depending on your blood type.

But now I would like to reveal to you a very important secret, you might be doing all the right things and missing on this one. Why is it that someone loses 4 kilos easily while other people have to struggle?

The first secret is the amount of hours of sleep- my definition of sleep is the relaxation of the body, mind and spirit, therefore you can get a good eight hours sleep during the night, or two hours in the afternoon and 6 hours during the night, or you might dedicate some of those eight hours in a relaxing session like a yoga session or a visit to the spa- any session for you including sleeping at night will help you inner body to work chemically properly. Fat is broken down and got rid of by the workings inside

The second secret is the time you eat your food and when exactly you should intake fruits To get you going straight away on the fruits the best time is to take four different types of fruit before one o’clock in the afternoon unless the online Nutritionist suggests otherwise for your particular personality and needs. And unless you exercise avoid the banana, but then again if you have an upset stomach or suffer from high blood pressure bananas are good.

Therefore you can get slim if you eat the right foods at the right time. Daphne our online nutritionist can help you achieve your goals.
If you want to learn the rest of the secrets and get a healthy eating plan tailor made for you get in touch with our online nutritionist through the contact us button on www.mehfa.eu 

Source by Gino Schiavone