While there are various modes and modules available for weight loss, not many are actually successful in causing loss of weight. Among the few means which are considered to be effective in leading to weight loss are weight loss surgeries. Surgical procedures however are governed by certain factors fulfilling which an individual is allowed to undergo a weight loss surgery. One of the various weight loss surgical procedures that are available today, a prominent one is known as the lap band surgery. In case of the ;lap band surgery, what its simply done to ensure weight loss is that the size of the stomach is reduced accordingly as required so that after a certain point, an obese individual feels full and therefore terminates food consumption at that point instead of excessively consuming food. By means of the lap band surgery a small pouch like form is created on the upper part of the stomach. This has several advantages. Firstly, this pouch on the upper part as created by the lap band surgical procedure is filled with food within a shorter period of time and since the passage to the lower part of the stomach has a narrow cavity, the food takes longer time to empty into that part thus suspending hunger for that period of time aiding in less consumption of food and therefore facilitating weight loss. Before indulging into lap band surgery, it is suggested by all physicians and dieticians that only such individuals should undertake lap band surgical procedure who are obese and are increasingly at risk of being affected by other fatal diseases. Otherwise such rigorous surgical procedures are not usually suggested for treatment. The best way out is to go for a check on the BMI or the Body Mass Index and realize the gravity of the situation.

In case of the lap band surgery, the upper section of the stomach is wrapped by a silicon band which in its turn divides the stomach into two separate parts. The upper part forms a small pouch and the lower part has a narrow passage to the lower part of the stomach. There is also a gastric band which is placed on the stomach by means of the lap band surgical procedure and it is a cylindrical structure which can be inflated or deflated according to will. After the surgical procedure is completed, certain adjustments are needed by the patients in the first year.

Source by Robert Baird