There are so many weight loss ideas, some are traditional messages which are locked in outdated beliefs about health, some are crazy and some are borderline religions where the finest details are debated.

I think there are some missing elements in weight loss thinking.

  1. Most people are struggling with their weight in spite of current conservative thinking.
  2. Most people will attempt and fail to lose weight many times in their lives, adding to their stress and frustration.
  3. Most people have fixed emotional beliefs about food and what it means. E.g. we deserve sweets as a reward, or I couldn’t give up sugar I would be miserable.
  4. Most people have not yet encountered the modern successful research and clinical methods for weight loss.
  5. Most people have weight loss as their goal instead of wellness and therefore focus on what they are missing out on instead of what they are gaining.
  6. Most people either are inactive or go hard at exercise to compensate for the calories they are counting and consuming.

Successful weight loss requires a few things.

  1. A lifestyle plan that focuses on naturally occurring good foods especially vegetables and good protein sources, plus the right fats.
  2. Letting go of all processed foods at least 90% of the time, but having the occasional flexibility to have a treat if you want.
  3. Decide that eating these foods is a good thing to do and that eating well means that you are happy and health or whatever positive thing it will mean to you.
  4. Acknowledge that focusing on the foods you have to leave out will only create feelings of loss, deprivation and stress.
  5. Becoming a person who is active, not a gym junkie. If you love exercise, do it for fun but not to lose weight as a goal or you will be disappointed.
  6. To get very clear as to why you want to lose weight, both for yourself and in your outside world.
  7. Know how you want to feel when you lose weight and bring that feeling into your life today.

This is not about going on a diet, this is not something to do periodically but instead this is the way to live your life, in the knowledge that processed foods are not compatible with living a healthy life with health weight. From your current standpoint this may sound difficult, but as you embrace a real food lifestyle over time sweet foods will taste too sweet to enjoy

Source by Ian Newton