Rarely does a major breakthrough occur in the weight loss industry; A Rare vegetable reduces the pot belly waist, hips, without changing your diet or physical activity.

A company by the name of BioTech Research has developed a new food supplement made form a rare vegetable call caralluma fimbriata. Bio SpeedSLIM provides weight loss without changing your diet or physical activities. Unlike old school weight loss methods, you will not feel hunger pangs, craving, and headaches. Contrast to diet pills which contain strong stimulants, you will not get the jitters or have problems sleeping. The majority of the diet pills on the market today recently reported by the government don’t live up to their claims.
Clinical trial by Dr. Ronald Lawrence, Western Geriatric Research Institute reveals very promising results. The study was conducted with 26 patients. Nineteen patients were on the active compound and 7 were on placebo. One patient from each category did not show up for the final visit. Almost every patient taking the active ingredient lost significant weight. There was almost no weight loss observed in patients on placebo.
Out of 18 patients, 15 patients (83.33%) lost weight. Eleven patients (16.11%) lost about six pounds. The highest was nine pounds. Four patients lost one to two pounds, and two patients maintained their starting weight. One patient gained 17 pounds. This patient was found not to comply with the regimen that was requested, and indeed increased caloric consumption over the four weeks.
Bio SpeedSlim automatically controls overeating with out you even knowing it. Food still tastes great and you will thoroughly enjoy eating meals, and you eat until you’re full. Bio SpeedSlim automatically prevent you from overeating by correcting abnormal overeating control mechanisms in the body. Bio SpeedSlim also helps reduce the formation of excess fat in the body and promotes the burning of excess fat, in addition to building a leaner body. Muscle is what burns most of the calories in your body. The more muscle have the faster you will lose weight.
Bio SpeedSlim is all natural and safe. The active ingredients come from an in creditable rare vegetable. Asia people have been using it for hundreds of years to improve health and relieve pain; it also helped them to lose weight. Clinical studies conducted on caralluma fimbriata showed that it controlled overeating without hunger, hunger pangs and cravings, and also did 4 specific things to promote fast weight loss.

• Automatically controls overeating
• Promotes lean body mass gain which increases the calories you burn per day
• Promotes the burning of stored body fat
• Suppresses body fat
• Reduces pot belly, waist and hips

Bio SpeedSlim is definitely a product that deserves a serious look at if you plan to loss weight in the near future. Obesity is major problem in our society today more and more people are affected by it each day. The diet industry is the one of the least regulated industries we have. As a consumer we have to do more to expose the fraud in the diet industry. Many of us are constantly looking for the miracle diet pill. Bio SpeedSlim comes very close to being that miracle pill.

Source by Lonnie Brown