Weight loss after pregnancy

During pregnancy, most women eat a lot of nutritious foods so that they could sustain and give all the nutrients that their baby needs. They eat more than their usual diets and focus on having a healthy lifestyle which is also beneficial for the baby. But what happens after pregnancy?Here are some pre-natal and post natal tips that could help you in achieving a successful weight loss diet.

During pregnancy:
1. A pregnant woman should not indulge with the idea that because she is pregnant, she should eat for two people. That is actually a common misconception. An average of 300 extra calories a day is what a healthy pregnant woman needs.

2. Food cravings during pregnancy are unstoppable. But you could actually control yourself from diving into this kind of temptation. Make sure that while you are satisfying you mental cravings, you are focusing on healthy and nutritious foods. The major source of the calories you intake should come from milk, yogurt, cheese, fruits, vegetables, bread and cereals. Go for vitamin rich foods which only contains minimal amount of calories.

3. Plan your meals ahead of time so that you could focus on creating and eating healthy food. This is to reduce the risk of feeding your baby unnecessary foods. Avoid eating a lot of sweets like chocolates, cakes and pastries.

4. Sign up for a fitness class. Not because you are pregnant means that you cannot exercise. In fact, your body actually needs light exercise and simple stretching. Low impact aerobics as well as prenatal yoga are helpful for pregnant women. Being active during pregnancy will make a woman stay in shape and be healthy. These kinds ofactivities could actually help during labor and also makes it easier for the mother to return to her original shape.

After pregnancy:
1. After giving birth, breast feed your baby. Breast milk provides all the nutrients that a new born baby needs. It is not easy for the body to produce milk. It actually takes a lot energy which basically means that you will burn more calories. This way, you will be able to have a faster weight loss.

2. Wait for your doctor’s approval that you could resume your normal activity. It usually takes at least five to six weeks before doctors allow their patients to go back in doing their usual workouts.

3. Drink plenty of water. Water plays an important role in detoxifying the body. It flushes out toxins which cleanses your body. Instead of having the usual 8 regular sized glasses of water, drink at least 10 to 12 medium sized glasses of water.

4. If you want to lose weight quickly and have a healthy body, exercise. If you don’t have enough time for workouts, try other fun ways in exercising with your baby like pushing the stroller or doing some crunches with your baby on the top of your belly. There are actually a lot of ways to get fit and have a healthier body.

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