Weight loss goals are important. Your dreams of wearing a particular size or seeing a specific number on the scale are also important. Are these weight loss goals and dreams someplace that you can see them? Do you have a visual reminder of what you want? Take it out of your head and create a weight loss vision board.

A weight loss vision board is a great tool to consider a work in progress as you lose weight, get closer to your goal, change habits, experience successes along the way, or even photographs. You can put photos of you, pictures from magazines of a body that you’d like to achieve, meaningful words or pictures from magazines that inspire or motivate you. Anything that means something to you that will keep you focused and serve as a reminder of your weight loss goals can be placed on the board.

Take a photograph of yourself every month. As you lose weight, place the photos reflecting your progress of a smaller body size. Another tip is to wear the same clothes each month for the photo. Again, as you lose weight, you’ll see the clothes becoming loose and then baggy. This is another great way to keep motivated by seeing how far you’ve come.

Include a photograph of you at a smaller body size. Cut out a photo with a body size you’d like as your own goal. Place your face on that body for a very motivating visual.

If you want to exercise more aerobically or resistance training, cut out photographs that motivate you. They can be of someone with a toned body, someone exercising, hiking, walking or running, or any other photographs inspiring to you.

Make a graph of your starting weight and keep track of your progress. Show your goal weight as well so you see yourself moving closer and closer to it on your graph.

I have a client that has created her weight loss vision board. She hung it in her kitchen which has been a very effective way to stay on track. At times that she’s been tempted or even headed to the kitchen, she sees her weight loss vision board front and center. It has saved her from many extra calories and pounds, and kept her motivation and confidence high that she will achieve her weight loss goal.

Make a visual reminder of motivation and inspiration by creating your own weight loss vision board. Set up a visual center that update and change regularly as you lose weight. Have fun with it as you create it and update it to reflect your personal change and weight loss. Be creative; think big, think out of the box in whatever you place on your weight loss vision board. When it comes to any goals and success, see it to believe it. When you see it – you can be it!

Source by Cathy Wilson