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The diet industry is one of accelerated ascents and dismal downfalls. TrimSpa, once marketed by Goen Technologies, was a supplement line that received a lot of attention several years ago. Now, however, this brand appears to have fallen by the wayside. Here we will take a look at what sort of ingredient blends TrimSpa once utilized.

Ingredients at a Glance

TrimSpa offered a few different products, all of them relying on different ingredients. They included substances like hoodia gordonii, caffeine, and chromium.

Ingredients in Focus

While there is more research to be done, many people have been excited about hoodia gordonii and its potential to suppress the appetite. However, due to the great amount excitement surrounding this substance, consumers should be diligent to only purchase certified hoodia. It is unclear whether TrimSpa contained certified hoodia.

Caffeine is a stimulant which may cause nausea, increased heart rate and other negative side effects. Thus, its potential to increase fat burning potential is marred by these complications. Pregnant and lactating moms as well as people who use certain pharmaceuticals should avoid using caffeine.

The trace mineral chromium has often been marketed as a muscle-increasing, fat-reducing substance. Yet this seems to be an unfounded notion. Some studies have indicated that it can cause negative effects among clinically-tested animals.


•    May offer fat burning and appetite control


•    Company has filed for bankruptcy
•    Unclear whether hoodia was certified
•    Relied upon caffeine for fat burning support

Final Thoughts

While the debates about TrimSpa are a relatively moot point due to the manufacturer’s downfall, the effectiveness of such substances and ingredient formulas is still up for discussion. Surely, the products which can certify the authenticity of their hoodia content will improve their reputation in the industry. Also, products which utilize fat burning ingredients other than caffeine will provide consumers with a better path to success. All in all, no pill will be a magic bullet for unwanted weight. Each dieter must develop his or her own approaches to eating healthily and exercising on a daily basis.

Source by Shane Crafton