The Man Who Tells theTruth about Weight Loss

If you have ever heard of Brad Pilon, then you have probably noticed two things about him. First, you have probably noticed that he seems to know what he is talking about. Second, he seems to be a man who has “been there and done that”. But, who is this guy? Who is this mystery specialist, and why is he so knowledgeable about nutrition and weight loss? And most of all, why is he so passionate about what he believes is the truth?

These are questions that you have no doubt asked yourself, but they are also questions that can be summed up with one easy answer. And that answer is that Brad Pilon knows his stuff because he has BEEN THERE. He knows the truth because he is on the forefront of this field, and he is passionate because, as any pioneer, he is trying to invent a new and better way for people to lose weight.

Brad Pilon is a professional nutritionist who has been working for more than seven years in the professional field of nutritional supplements. He specialized mostly in the areas of weight loss, nutrition, and muscle growth. He even now specializes in these areas, though with more of a common sense approach than he used to. For years he believed what everyone was telling him about nutrition and weight loss, until he started looking for real answers. That was when he came to realize that what so many people were believing about weight loss and nutrition was not actually based on fact, and that we live in a culture that is obsessed with the wrong information. Since then, he has sought to instruct others as to what the truth is about weight loss, muscle growth, and nutrition.

But, don’t think for a second that Brad Pilon is some sort of closet nutritionist. He has done anything but sit in a closet! He has actually had the opportunity to travel around the world, picking the minds of leading nutritionalists and exercise scientists. From this, you can gather that Brad Pilon is a man looking for the truth, not for the latest fads in weight loss and exercise! He owns several patents for inventions do to muscle growth development, and has appeared on national television to talk about something he feels very strongly about… fasting. Brad Pilon believes that intermittent fasting might be the key to weight loss that so many people are missing. In fact, Brad Pilon invented the Eat Stop Eat method based on his belief in intermittent fasting, and that it can help people lose weight more permanently and effectively than leading “popular” dieting methods.

Brad Pilon resides in the greater Toronto area, and has also authored a very popular work on protein called “How Much Protein”. He continues to maintain a blog on his website, and continually seeks to inform people as to the truth about real and effective weight loss.

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