Obesity is closely linked to diabetes.This is now proven beyond any doubt.The great majority of people who have type 2 diabetes are also obese.This kind of diabetes is the result of a pancreatic disorder which results in insulin resistance. Weight loss, exercise and adherance to a low GI diet plan are the proven ways to treat type 2 diabetes. People who suffer from celiac disease have gluten intolerance and can also benefit from this diet.

There are a variety of possible causes for insulin resistance, obesity and celiac disease, but a diet which is composed of low GI carbohydrates has proven to be successful in combatting these problems. Carbs which are high on the glycemic index, when consumed, result in a spike in blood glucose levels which triggers the pancreas to release large amounts of insulin to take care of the excess glucose. In time the body develops resistance to the insulin and cuts back production and use of it. This results in obesity and an increased danger of heart problems.

The glycemic index is a list of foodstuffs which rates them according to the rate at which their carbs are absorbed by the body. A low GI diet uses only foods which are low on this index. Refined carbs and sugars are high on the list and should not be consumed. These include sugar along with bread and other goods containing white flour. Vegetables, beans, some fruits, low fat dairy products and certain grains are all low on the list and are the basis for this plan and also suitable for gluten intolerant people. Studies have shown that a regimen of this type combined with exercise will result in weight loss and reduced insulin sensitivity. It is also wise to eat many small meals during the day rather than the usual three large meals. This will result in blood glucose levels maintaining a more even level rather than spiking then dropping sharply.

It is easy to find a good low GI diet on the web,in books or magazines, or by consulting your doctor or a dietician. A variety of foods and recipes is necessary so that the meals will not become boring and hard to stick with. The plan promotes control of your blood sugar levels and reduction of excess insulin production by concentrating on foods low on the glycemic index which will produce low blood glucose levels and a good energy level. This is excellent for diabetes, celiac disease and weight loss. Get it now and be healthy for the rest of your life.

Source by John Mowatt