A persons weight probably affects their confidence, health and mental well-being more than any other single factor. Obese or over-weight people often complain of decreased quality of life, low self-esteem, depression, health problems, and physical incapabilities. However, it doesnt have to be that way, for most people experience a lot of positive changes once they experience weight loss. It is for this reason why a lot of people are searching for a weight loss technique that get them back on track to a healthy physical, menatl and emotional life.

First, before you undertake and weight loss program, seek medical advice from a qualified practitioner and get them to recommend the best weight loss regime for you. At the same time you should have a full physical examination including determining your BMI (Body Mass Index) which will lead to the determination of the most appropriate weight loss technique for you individually. Finally, to lose weight fast and effectively four aspects of your life should be altered: what to eat, how to eat, your behavior and activity levels.

Here are some tips that can change help you lose weight fast:

1. In order to lose weight fast, you must adopt a multi-faceted technique that consists of altering your mindset, undertaking more exercise, and in other cases taking diet supplements. Start out by learning a food plan that fits in around you work and living patterns. Undertake an exercise plan at the earliest opportunity that allows a minimum of fifteen minutes brisk activity per day. Good exaples of this are brisk walking, jogging, swimming, and even dancing. Keep in mind that sex burns more calories than jogging!

2. Be realistic in your goals. The ability to focus and have a proper mindset is a major asset to someone who wants to lose weight fast. With discipline and the proper mind set, your will never be discouraged and lose focus.

3. When your body speaks – listen to it. Everyone’s body reacts differently to different fast weight loss programs and plans. An exercise program must be suitable for your body, as some people are not able to exercise as rigorously as others can. Age and weight as well as pre-existing medical conditions are all major differentiating factors in this. For example, if all you can handle is some brisk walking, then concentrate on that – no point running your self to an early grave just because you want to lose weight fast. Muscles burn more calories than fats so it’s also best to put on a little muscle and and it helps you look good too.

4. Like 90% of the Western population you probably need to eat more fiber. A fiber rich diet is vital to help you lose weight fast for it makes you full sooner and stays in your tummy longer, slowing down the rate of digestion. A single serving of whole grain bread moves fat through the digestive system faster. Whole-grains turn into blood sugar that spike your body’s insulin levels making you feel more energized.

5. Cut out all of those nasty fried foods and fast foods, especially deep-fried as this contains a huge amount of fat. Although fish and chicken are generally considered healthier alternatives to beef, the way it is cooked has a major impact on the amount of fat it can contain as tchicken and fish contain more fat than beef when they are fried. If you are on a strict diet I recommend that you opt for grilled food as they contain significantly less fat after the food is cooked.

6. Drink lots of fluid. Drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day to keep your body and brain hydrated. Many diets which help you to lose weight fast speed up the amount of waste that your body produces and it therefore even more important to stay hydrated. Failure to do so can make you severly ill causing kidney and liver problems, headaches and nausea and creating a general feeling of lethargy.

Source by Dave Simpson