What is starvation diet? Derived from the the adverb itself “starvation” which clearly means starving yourself to avoid further weight gain.  For those that go on this type of diet, they figure that because people get fat when they eat too much, it is only logical that they should starve themselves in order to be skinny.

It is said that going on a starvation diet is one of the most effective ways to achieve weight loss.  A lot of people have testified to this. Some share their experiences openly and would even give specific details on how much weight they have lost and how long it took them to lose those pounds. However, starvation diet is still a very controversial issue these days.

Note that this only becomes controversial if you are doing it the wrong way.  If you are at a point of actually depriving yourself with anything edible so that you would not gain any weight, then you are doing it wrong.  Nowadays, we can see this kind of behavior depicted on television. An example would be someone suffering from anorexia because of their fear in gaining weight.

What is the right way of going on a starvation diet? Based on previous research, the best way to do a starvation diet is by eating every 4-5 hours or so. This is so that you can supply your stomach with just enough food for it to function for the next few hours.  Do not think for a second that going on a starvation diet means not eating anything at all.  Since going on this diet would slow down your metabolism, it is not advisable you to do any physical exercise.

Starvation diet may not be the diet for you.  If you are considering giving it a try, make sure you understand what you will be undergoing.  When you do decide to practice starvation diet make sure you are well aware and disciplined enough to ensure that you do it right. Do not sacrifice your health and over do it. Always remember that your well being and health is much more important than going on a starvation diet.

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Source by Katie A. Jones