Nine Ways To Train Your Brain To Lose Weight – How To Use The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Here’s a quick overview of how one part of your brain works to keep you overweight and how, with just a bit of practice, you can change that part of your brain to help you lose weight.

1. Most of us tend to focus on what we don’t want (i.e., these hips, this stomach, this job, etc.). The problem is that whatever you focus your attention on, your subconscious mind attracts to you. Have you ever sat in the living room saying to yourself, “There is just one more piece of pie in the kitchen. I won’t eat it, I won’t eat it. Oh well, if I just eat it then it will be gone and I won’t have to think about it anymore.” All you can think about is that last piece of pie!

2. Try this experiment to show you how your mind will focus on the object of the sentence: Close your eyes for a moment and do not think about a pink elephant. You will notice that your mind focuses on the object of the thought not the action to be taken. With just a little diligence you will soon be able to focus on what you do want and what you don’t want will fall away from neglect.

3. With a little attention you can learn to expand your “familiar zone.” It’s also been referred to as your “comfort zone”. Most of us aren’t comfortable being fat, but there is a familiarity about it that is comfortable. When you learn to be just as comfortable being the slender you, the natural, slender you can emerge.

4. Losing weight may be risky for you. Being overweight often serves us on many levels, one of which might be protection. The subconscious makes no distinction between the physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual. For example, if your subconscious believes you need emotional protection, you may get “physical” protection instead–usually in the form of extra layers of fat around your body. This protection extends to “boundary issues” as well. What that means is that if you have trouble verbalizing your boundaries (saying “no” is a boundary, for example), your subconscious mind will give you a physical boundary–your larger body. As you become more and more comfortable taking risks, asking for what you want and making known your real needs, you will no longer need that physical boundary. If you don’t need it, the excess weight will go away.

5. To lose weight and keep it off, you need to learn to perceive yourself as a success. Most overweight people see themselves as failures, because you quit that diet or this exercise plan. See yourself as successful, because when one diet didn’t work, you stopped doing it and tried something else.

6. To quit dieting and thinking about food all the time, learn to eat as a normal person. That is, eat when you are hungry, stop when you are satisfied and enjoy it. When you will learn to live in the present moment and not worry about whether when you will eat again, to relax about food, you will stop to wanting to “eat it all now.” Living in the moment, you will also stop thinking of food so much. Imagine what you will spend your time thinking about instead of food. Now that you know food is just a part of your life and not the main focus, you don’t have to have food on your mind all day and it will gradually fade from your thoughts until your body is actually hungry.

7. Have you ever had food available everywhere just in case you became hungry again? Here’s the truth about that: You will get hungry again. That’s the natural cycle of your body. And guess what – then you get to eat again! This knowledge eliminates the need to hoard food.

8. Begin to think and feel and see yourself as a slender person. One of the many reasons we regain weight after dieting is that our subconscious mind has a picture or perception of your body as being overweight. Put up pictures of yourself (or pics from a magazine) all over the house so your mind can begin to be imprinted with the picture of yourself that you want.

9. Have you ever lost weight, looked slender and still thought of yourself as fat? Maybe you saw pictures of yourself during these times and wondered why you still perceived yourself as fat when you actually were slender. All of this will change when you begin to use the power of your subconscious mind to change your internal picture of yourself. If you want this process to be fast, just use hypnosis.

Source by Katie Evans

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