Is Oral HCG A Fraud?

The question above begs for an answer and the short answer is YES, oral HCG and sublingual HCG is a complete and utter fraud.  This isn’t just my opinion but a solid biological fact. HCG is only biologically active when injected into the body via a hypodermic needle.  This scientific fact apparently does not stop numerous websites and other direct marketers from offering “oral” or “sublingual” forms of HCG for sale in order to avoid the need for injections.

Advertisements promoting these forms of HCG do not contain actual HCG since HCG must be dispensed by prescription only and must to be given by injection to be effective. You are literally wasting your money by buying these forms of HCG.

Claims that HCG can be absorbed in the oral mucosa are nonsense. To date, science hasn’t been able to produce a way to deliver the intact HCG hormone into the blood stream in any way except by injection. Just as insulin has to be given by injection to be effective, so does HCG.  The reason is pretty simple, HCG is over 5 times larger than insulin and it is not possible for that size of protein to be absorbed through a person’s mucus membranes.

If it is taken orally the HCG protein is digested by enzymes that break it up into amino acids and it is no longer HCG.  The 244 amino acids in this large, fragile polypeptide hormone (HCG) are in exact sequence with a specific 3-dimensional shape, which fits cell receptors like a key in a lock.  An important fact to remember is even if the chemical formula remains the same, a change in shape blocks HCG activity.  Once dissolved in a solution, the cross-linkages maintaining the shape break quite easily and can become unstable.

The fact is all of the published benefits of using HCG for rapid weight loss are based on injected HCG.  None of its prized benefits are seen with oral HCG or sublingual forms. Here’s another important fact to understand, one of the major effects of receiving HCG by injection is that the person’s appetite is severely suppressed.  When oral HCG or sublingual forms of HCG are given, an additional oral appetite suppressant must also be given. This is additional evidence that HCG does not actually get into the individual’s circulation with oral methods of administration.

There are no published reports that have been able to demonstrate a measurable amount of HCG in a person’s blood when given in either oral or sublingual forms.  The one report that is cited by most websites as providing proof actually states “On treatment days 0, 15, and 30 we have tested all volunteers, screening for the presence of plasmatic hCG.  Concentrations were undetectable in all cases (data not shown).” On top of these results the study was poorly designed as well because it did not include proper controls.  There was no group of people tested that were given HCG via injection, the only proven way of getting the benefits of using HCG for rapid weight loss.  Furthermore, the study was not published in a peer reviewed medical journal.  Instead, it was published on the primary author’s website. These sort of studies should not be taken as proof that the product being advertised actually works.

My conclusion is, claims that oral or sublingual HCG are as effective as when HCG is given by injection are simply marketing attempts intended to deceive scientifically unsophisticated consumers.  The bottom-line is the only effective and safe way to receive the benefits of HCG for rapid weight loss is via injection with a prescription under the supervision of a licensed physician.

Source by David Walters

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