When late science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke said “any technology, sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from magic,” he might have been referring to the HCG weight loss method. The method is based on solid medical science and the results that people have been getting. A person losing 35-40 pounds in less than six weeks is nothing short of miraculous.

What Is HCG?

“HCG” stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This is a naturally occurring, water-based hormone is produced in the human fetus during a woman’s pregnancy. Medical research strongly indicates that HCG functions during the gestation process to protect the fetus in the event that the mother receives insufficient nourishment. Otherwise, the mother’s system would attempt to extract nutrients from the fetus.

The human infant retains a great deal of this HCG after birth and well into childhood. However, this natural supply is quickly depleted, due primarily to the modern diet of processed, chemically adulterated commercial foods. By the time a person reaches maturity, all their natural HCG has been depleted.

The Role of Homeopathic HCG

Homeopathic HCG is a natural type of hormone-replacement therapy. During the typical diet program, the subject cuts back on calories and attempts to increase physical activity. The purpose of course is to expend more calories than are ingested. Unfortunately, because of our evolutionary development, our bodies work against us, attempting to conserve every bit of energy resource (in this case, fat) in order to keep us alive and functioning.

This is because as far as the autonomic brain is concerned, there is no difference between a deliberate reduction in calories and a true famine. During the Stone Age when food sources could be unreliable, the body would respond to famine by:

(A) Slowing down the metabolism

(B) Consuming lean muscle tissue for nourishment

The result is that the body would hold on to fat reserves until all other sources of nourishment were exhausted.

HCG literally overrides this physiological programming. While on the program, as you cut calories to a bare minimum, the part of your brain controlling metabolism (the hypothalamus) will be forced to make up the deficit by consuming fat reserves. So, if you normally use 2,000 calories a day and are eating only 500 calories, on HCG you will be burning up to 1,500 calories on a daily basis. This is easily equivalent to a pound of fat a day, which miraculously disappears – thanks to the scientific behind the program.

Source by Genius Monkey