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Have you ever said these ads, that green tea extract can help you lose weight? Well, I did and have done the research. Like you, I know, I would like to know how easily lose a few pounds. Although I know there is no miracle cure for weight loss, to be supplemented a million-dollar industry. It must therefore be something, right? Let’s demystify this claim.

For centuries, Asians have the benefits of the ancient herb saw therapies and cures. Unlike black varieties, green tea is steamed fresh, the higher concentrations of epigallocatechin gallate (ECGC) results. ECGC It is this that has shown the metabolism by increasing thermo-genesis influence. Simply put, this increases your body’s ability to shed pounds. Studies have shown that this is true, even more so than with caffeine or a placebo.

How does it work? Normally Thermo-genesis is responsible for 8-10% of normal calorie consumption, but this increase in metabolism will increase the expenditure of up to 43%. Translated, this means … more calories burned! It also means an increase in the amount of fat burned.

Did you want a thyroid condition and to lose weight? Not to worry … it has been proven safe! This is to be on the fact that your heart rate is not affected like other supplements. Most of the respondents report no side effects and is therefore considered safe for a variety of conditions.

So, now where are you in increasing your intake of green tea extract interested in how to incorporate more into your diet? Can about the obvious method of drinking hot or cold, the buds, new research suggests that you bake with it, and take on your special brew in your soaps and lotions.

Additional investigations have shown that where you buy your leaves, it is important. You want to make sure that you buy from suppliers that may be of the same good and not mixed together.

And if all this is too complicated and you have no time to take this extract to your diet, with only a supplement could be the answer for you.

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