Green Tea for Weight Loss Results

Green tea has had a lot of press lately. Everywhere you turn, you can find websites promoting the benefits of green tea for weight loss. You may be wondering just how a tea could have anything to do with weight loss.

Understanding the relationship between green tea and weight loss has a lot to do with the ubstances in the tea and how they affect the body.


The polyphenol concentration in green tea is one of the reasons for its reputation in weight loss. Polyphenol first came to light when the effects of red wine on cholesterol levels were studied. Similar in effect are the polyphenol found in green tea. Recent studies published in the European Journal of Clinical nutrition was conducted by Keiichi Abe, from the Institute for Health Care Science and included various other scientists.

The researchers chose 12 healthy adults, separated into two groups. One group was then given 38 g of fat from potato chips, plus 750 ml of either placebo or polyphenol enriched tea. Over the course of the study blood levels were measured and fecal samples taken. At the end of the research, it was found that cholesterol excretions were nearly five times as high in the green tea extract group.


This antioxidant is present in tea, chocolate, and red wine. The health benefits that have been discovered are many. Including but not limited to:

• Reduce the risks of the big four; heart failure, stroke, cancer and diabetes.
• Catechin in green tea have been shown to have antibiotic properties
• Inhibit the absorption of glucose into fat cells

Appetite Suppression

When it comes to weight loss the appetite often works against your best attempts to maintain a healthy diet. Thanks to a study done at the University of Chicago found in lab, studies that green tea extracts had a significant impact on appetite. They injected rats with extract and found an amazing drop in appetite. The rats consumed 60% less food than they normally did. In addition, they dropped 21% of their body weight after undergoing injections for seven days.

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