You have probably heard of subliminal messages by now – they seem to be everywhere! There are countless sites offering subliminal cds and mp3s for personal development. Even celebrities such as Tiger Woods, and Stephen Speilberg have been quoted as using them!

It is often mystified but really it is just a simple form of hypnosis. In the same way that hypnosis makes changes within your subconscious mind, so too do subliminal messages. They gain access to your subconscious brain and implant messages there. Over time these messages build and grow and start to change your self beliefs, pattterns of behaviour and thought processes. This can have amazing results – even changing long held social problems, confidence issues, phobias, and even helping with health issues.

There are two main differences between subliminals and more traditional hypnosis methods. The first is that you won’t enter a trance like state – you will remain conscious throughout the process. Secondly, with hypnosis you hear the voice / commands of the hypnotist. The very essence of a subliminal album is that you don’ hear anything – only the soothing background sounds – this means the messages are only “heard” by your subconscious mind and it really is a non intrusive for of self development.

It can be difficult to know what to believe though. Some sites claim miraculous, and instant results, others baffle you with technical jargon. One way to judge for yourself is to try it for yourself. If the site has a free album to try then make sure to download it and see how you feel, get a judge for the quality, and see if it is a method you can see yourself using and benefiting from.

Sites who don’t offer such a method may have something to hide, may not actually be that confident in their albums, or may be a “fly by night” operation.

Once you have your free sample then just give it a go. There is no correct or incorrect way to listen. Most places advise that you should relax while listening, but you can play the album while you work, study, exercise, even while you sleep.

There is no way you can do yourself any harm by listening too much so playing it on a loop constantly is fine. It probably just isn’t really needed. Listening once per day for 40 minutes is enough – but some people do swear by putting a subliminal album on a loop and playing it all day / night. It is more about findin a way of listening which works for you, is practical and suits your lifestyle. If it fits with you then it is the right method of listening – FOR YOU.

Results are not instant as some sites would have you believe, but within a few days to a week or so you should start to experience some changes and to feel differently inside. If this is the case then you will know that you are susceptable to subliminal messages, and could get further benefit from using different albums.

At this point you will usually see the results increase and magnify with continued use, and the areas they can help you in are almost limitless – anything from weight loss to business success, and confidence to improving memory.

Source by Dan Bainbridge