Foods to Promote Weight Loss

Weight loss is not an easy task. You need to follow the control diet regime, along with the regular exercise regime to promote weight loss. You can also use the weight loss pills to lose the extra pounds. Here is the list of the food items that you should include in your daily diet to promote weight loss.

Many diet foods are apparent. Lettuce, celery, and other low calorie green veg are a staple in most diets. Fish, chicken, and lean meats are another class regularly found in any dieter’s book. But, if you really need to use food to supercharge your body and keep it functioning at top quality while dieting, check out these ten foods that many folks overlook.


Asparagus A low-carb, low-calorie food that adds a flair to meals. It is also high in vitamins, like folate and vitamin A. It is great as a side plate, mixed with a main dish, or as a lowcal snack. It has less than four calories per spear.

Goji Berries

These raisin-like berries have been employed in Tibetan medication for millenia. They have a sweet taste which helps cut the sweet tooth longings. The sugars that make this berry sweet help to reduce insulin resistance and should be beneficial to diabetics and pre-diabetics.


Purslane This could be a great substitute in your salads for lettuce, or an additional green. This herb has the highest level of omega-3 fatty acids of any plant. Studies have discovered that adequate amounts of essential trans-acids are crucial to a good diet plan, to guarantee healthy weight reduction. It also supplies a good deal of the antioxidant, melatonin.


This spice is an excellent great choice when searching for a sweetener to replace sugar. Not only is it a treat but it can help lower blood sugar levels, as well . You get a double whammy with this one, a sweet treat and better blood sugar control.


Guava everyone knows the significance of fiber in their diet. Guava is a sweet way to get it. This powerhouse packs 9 grams of fiber per cup. It is also an excellent source of lycopene, for fighting prostate cancer, and potassium, for electrolyte balancing.


Cabbage This is another great lettuce substitute. It has only twenty-two calories per cup. It is packed with tons of vitamins and minerals. It has powerful antioxidant properties. Mixed in a slaw or cooked as a side this cruciferous vegetable can be a fine addition to any diet.


Beets, when cooked, look like candy but they can be a major boost to cardiovascular health. They supply folate and betaine, which lower homocysteine levels, decreasing heart problems risks . They have also been reported to reduce cancer hazards, as well.


This is a mash, but it does not have the usual carbs and calories of other squash varieties. It adds variety, and fiber, to the diet plan.


These are a great way to fight off sugar cravings. Throw some berries in your yogurt, or on your cereal and you’ll be enjoying antioxidant protection and a sweet treat.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is an oil, and calorie dense, but it is a heart healthy choice. Its strong flavor makes it a sensible choice as well, because a little goes a long way. Use it, with a little vinegar or red wine, in the place of creamier salad dressings.

Add these food items to your daily diet in order to promotes the weight loss and get back into shape.

Source by Steve Marshal Caldwell

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