Having excess fat around your stomach sucks and walking around with a big belly can be embarrassing, especially at the beach. Losing that stomach fat is important and not just for aesthetic reasons. The size of your stomach can also contribute to heart problems. This is why it is important that you begin to do exercises to lose stomach fat.

There is only one form of exercise that can be called the best exercises to lose stomach fat.


Cardio is a form of exercise that you need in order to lose fat, not just in your stomach, but throughout the rest of your body as well. Many people strive to spot-train an area in order to lose fat from their arms, stomachs or chin. This generally doesn’t workout, because you need to lower the fat levels for your entire body which will in turn decrease the amount of fat in your stomach as well.

You may think that the best exercises to lose stomach fat are a crunches or leg lifts, but those exercises won’t help you lose weight, as they are designed to work the muscles. They are important because they shape your belly and will eventually help you to get the 6-pack look you are after. But, when it comes to burning or losing fat, they don’t do much good.

If you are looking to lose stomach fat it isn’t just about exercises to lose stomach fat, nutrition is also a key piece of the puzzle. This can be difficult so it is a good idea to take this one day at a time. As an example, start by replacing soda with water. Step by step you will cover area’s that first appeared to be long distances.

Exercises to lose stomach fat are varied, as you can chose to do any type of cardio workout so long as you feel comfortable doing it. Swimming, running and jumping are just a few of the options available. You will start to see results and if combine the exercises to lose stomach fat with exercises designed to give you 6-pack abs you will need to be ready to see big changes.

Source by Jenney Pan