Celebrity Crash Diets That Work

Crash diets can be defined as a low calorie diets. They usually burn only a limited amount of calories. Rapid weight loss is achieved with a limited energy level. These diets are preferably meant for a short period of time or they could result in malnutrition.

This deficiency can be altered through the intake of vitamin pills. Body regains weight after a crash diet. Celebrity diets are comprised of four glasses of skimmed milk, vitamin tablets etc. Caffeine is also an important factor in a crash diet.

There are certain crash diets that show tremendous results quickly. Grape fruit diet, cabbage diet are examples of such diets. At times, it proves to be success even for a long period. One way to get rid of extreme hunger during these days is to ultimately find happiness in the hunger. It is also important to change your lifestyle at the time of these temporary diets. One can opt for solid food after a monotonous liquid regime on alternate weeks. Vegetables and salads are to be added profoundly. Chocolates and beverages are to completely avoided. Top weight loss experts suggest cabbage soups and juice fasts as the best diet plans.

Another group suggests walking along with dieting. Celebrities often check their weight along with these diet plans. Famous crash diets mainly consist of seven to eight days with a weight loss of five to seven kilograms. Yeast should be completely avoided from such short term diet plans but with a well planned meal that is to be taken before eight in the evening. Dieretics and diet pills are to be added intermittently.

Successful crash diets include cut out of carbs containing a good amount of steamed vegetables and regular yoga. Celebrity crash diets does not stress on starving alone. They are comprised of a short term strenuous exercise and pills for certain days.

In many cases, weight gain has been reported after a crash diet. It leads to deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Low calorie intake leads to dizziness. Decreased level of HDL results in more pressure to the internal organs. A short term diet may also cause harm to the muscles and tissues that ultimately end in osteoporosis. It also affects the mind leading to depression and irritability. Diseases like anorexia and bulimia are the bad results of these diet plans. In certain prolonged cases even heart disease and mental stroke could happen.

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