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Body Wise™ is more than a single diet pill; rather it’s an entire weight management system. In other words, it tries to cover every area of nutrition. The products it offers helps to limit the amount of calories one consumes each day. The products in the Body Wise™ line range from daily vitamins, to meal replacement shakes, to herbs. The Body Wise™ program claims to be the most advanced diet system. Its goals are to build muscle and stimulate the metabolism. It doesn’t claim to be a quick fix for weight loss; rather it claims to help the dieter manage weight safely for the long term.

Ingredients at a Glance

Body Wise™ has more than one product in its line. It includes shakes and tablets. In fact, the shakes and tablets deliver the same effect. In other words, they offer the same products in tablet and shake form. They also promote a line of vitamins and herbs.

Ingredients in Focus.

The Body Wise™ shakes are available in chocolate and vanilla flavor. The shakes are full of protein (around 20 grams per serving) and have a proportionate amount of carbohydrates—there is a total of 140 calories per shake. It contains other ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, an appetite suppressant—Chromium, and metabolism stimulants such as Green Tea. This formula is also designed to provide a boost of energy. In addition to shakes and tablets the Bodywise™ line delivers their formula in the form of meal replacement snack. Currently, this product is offered in a raspberry-chocolate flavor.


  • The Body Wise™ line is versatile in that one can choose to take it in a pill form, shake, or snack.


  • The Body Wise™ line is expensive starting at $115.
  • Information about this product is difficult to acquire.
  • There are no guarantees with this product.

Final Thoughts on Body Wise™

The Body Wise ™ kits start at over $100 and don’t account for the cost of food. Most meal replacement kits are at a much lower cost. This product offers no guarantee and very little information is available about Bodywise™. There is little if any information from actual users of this Body Wise™ and no testimonials available.  This is important because of taste, which is one of the major factors in choosing a meal replacement program. The goals of this product are typical, speed up the metabolism and suppress the appetite. The ingredients, moreover, can be found in other weight loss product at a lower cost.

If you seek a weight loss supplement be sure and choose a product which includes ingredients to burn fat and help control the appetite and the cravings that can derail even the most ardent dieter.

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