A Hypothyroidism Diet – It’s Not Only About Weight Loss

So, you have hypothyroidism and you might be thinking “What’s the use of being on a diet for hypothyroidism? I won’t be able to lose any weight”. You may be right. Maybe you are one of the few that doesn’t respond to treatment or doesn’t diet well. But, there is a good chance that you may be wrong and I’m willing to bet that you are. I am also willing to bet that given enough time and effort you will be able to achieve any realistic weight loss goals that you set for yourself.

But, for a minute let’s assume that you are right and you can’t lose any weight.  Why should that end your quest to be a healthy person? Why would you just give up on yourself like that?

There is more to being healthy than just fitting into size 5 clothing.  Do you realize that if you don’t take care of yourself that there are worse diseases out there than hypothyroidism? In fact, there may be a link between hypothyroidism and these other diseases.

If you allow yourself to fall into the trap of “Why even bother?” over time your health will deteriorate and you will feel even worse.

But, if you need some additional motivation I’ll give you just a few reasons why a hypothyroidism diet is not just about losing weight. Heart disease and diabetes does not care if you’re hypothyroid or not.  Neither does colon, lung or breast cancer.  If you don’t start to take care of yourself you could make that hypothyroidism link to other diseases a cold harsh reality.

You may never be a size 5 but you can still have a healthy cardiovascular system. You may still have some “love handles” but you still will be able to participate in your favorite activity or sport even if it’s just chasing your child around the yard without getting winded. I’m willing to bet that your family doesn’t care that you are not a size 5. I’m also sure that they do care to have you around for a long time and healthy too.

I can come up with any number of reasons why you should be on a diet for hypothyroidism but you ultimately have to come up with your own. You have to ask yourself what is important to you. Being a size 5 or being health? Only you can answer that question? The choice is yours make it a wise one and remember that being on a hypothyroidism diet is not only about weight loss.

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