3 Hcg Weight Loss Tips

HCG weight loss is one of those few dieting results that rank as “impressive” with nearly all who try the program.  Still, as with all weight loss methods there are those who are able to have exceptional outcomes.  What do those individuals do that’s so different than the average patient?

What is your weight loss goal?
Tip #1:
Disappointment is a serious psychological response that comes from failure to reach a certain expectation.  Even though we all deal with it, the way we handle it varies.  For overweight adults who have been disappointed by weight loss hopes, disappointment could be a hard hurdle to overcome.

Those individuals who had above average results with the HCG weight loss program consistently share the same story. They had hopes of finally achieving their goal.

Trying a method that you don’t fully believe in can surprisingly result in a lack of genuine effort.  While this formula has proven to be effective for skeptics and believers alike, those who gave it 100% believing it would really work had more weight and inches lost.

The HCG diet is effective
Tip #2:
Ever drive a car that suggests running on grade 89 gasoline or higher?  In that same car did you use a lower grade and found it to still run?

With will power, and the assistance of a strengthening appetite suppressant such as that offered in the HCG treatments, weight loss is not impossible.  People are reporting that to their own surprise they really can stick to 500 calories a day for the 26 or 40 day trial.

The key phrase is “stick to’.  HCG weight loss success stories are comprised of the common theme of sticking to the meal plan.  For less than 2 months of their life at a time, they decided that 500 calories a day was achievable, and so it was.

Even with the temptation to indulge for those who began around the holidays was not strong enough to detour them from their 500 calorie count.  For them the future was more important than the present.

Share your weight loss journey
Tip #3:
In school it’s not an uncommon to hear a teacher refer to a “study buddy.”  Actually the “study buddy” concept derives from the knowledge that pairing a person who’s strong in one area with a person who is weaker in that area will usually improve the performance of the latter, and motivate the performance of the former.

While taking Oral HCG, don’t abandon that practice.  People who regularly communicated with someone about their HCG experience had great weight loss results.

Whether they reached out to a specific group of individuals using the same weight loss method, or just confided in a close friend or relative, talking about it kept them going, and gave them a greater since of accountability.

Besides, part of really celebrating a life changing weight loss is being able to appreciate a diet path that finally works.

Source by Jenny Boynton

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