If you’re dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile, you probably focus on what you don’t like. It’s pretty easy to figure that out. Discolored teeth, crooked teeth, chipped or uneven teeth. Flat lips, deep parentheses around the nose and mouth. All of these things may detract from your smile. But what makes a true Hollywood smile? If you look at the celebrities who were voted the top celebrity smiles during the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s 2008 survey, some characteristics stand out.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes was voted the top female smile of 2008 in this survey. Looking at her smile, several characteristics stand out. First, it is a very modest smile, more lips than teeth. Sometimes showing too many teeth can be a detriment to your smile. Like about 70 % of people, she has a standard Mona Lisa smile, in which the corners of the mouth raise first before the lips part to reveal the teeth, and she utilizes the smile in its more subtle forms, which is more easily done by people with a Mona Lisa smile than with other types. And, of course, the fullness of her lips helps this to be effective. Mendes emphasizes her lips by keeping her smile modest. If you have great lips, you can have a knockout smile without ever showing your teeth.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway, voted second best celebrity smile of 2008 also has a very pronounced Mona Lisa smile that emphasizes her plump lips and broad face. More apt than Eva Mendes to smile broadly, however, she also shows off her teeth. Hathaway has the characteristic traits of a sexy smile, with the prominent central incisors that indicate youth. Also, like many people with a Mona Lisa smile, she generally only reveals her upper teeth when smiling. For many people, improving the appearance of the upper teeth with porcelain veneers may be all that is necessary to achieve that Hollywood smile.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is another Mona Lisa smiler, and tends to show her teeth even more than Anne Hathaway, which makes it very easy to note the prominence of her central incisors, which contribute to the youthful sexiness of her smiles. Also, the style of her smile promotes her teeth, which are attractive, and reduces attention on her lips, which are thinner and less enticing than the other two top smiles.

Your Hollywood Smile

Although these three women all have the same basic smile type, they actually smile in very different ways. What makes their smiles attractive is that their technique of smiling matches their physical gifts. While it is very difficult to change the way you smile, it is possible to study your smile technique, then get a smile makeover that improves the characteristics that your smile emphasizes.

One characteristic that all these women share is their very white teeth, so tooth whitening should definitely be a part of your smile makeover. If you have a Mona Lisa smile like these women, chances are you only show your upper teeth when smiling, and these should be the main focus of your smile makeover. If, however, you have a cuspid or complex smile, you should make sure you do not neglect your other teeth. Finally, if you tend not to show many teeth when you smile, you should consider lip augmentation as a way to improve your smile.

Source by Patricia Woloch