Don’t you just hate having toothaches? They make you look for possible toothache remedies that could actually work wonders for your situation. A toothache, as known to many, is one of those kinds of pain that you would want to trade places with people who don’t suffer from it. It is so painful that it might count as one of the worst experiences you will ever have.

Fortunately, pain relievers could be the answer to your pain problems. In fact, just one tablet of it could make the pain go away. But, does it really solve your toothache? If you think about it, pain relievers only target the pain that you feel. It provides you a temporary solution to your toothache problem but has not gotten an inch closer to solving the real problem of having a toothache.

The good news is that there is already a long list of possible toothache treatments that you could try yet there is no assurance that these could work for you. Again, some may give you temporary relief so it is best to see your dentist to know what is causing the pain and to learn about the recommended treatments.

If in case your dentist is not available, you can try using ice to relieve the pain. You are not advised to put the ice directly on your teeth as an application. It will only make you feel worse. In fact, the ice method isn’t really a cure for toothache. Much like the others, it is only to relieve you from the tooth pain that has been bothering you. It does that by simply distracting you from the feeling the pain by making you feel something also uncontrollable which is the cold temperature. Hold the ice and put it next to the point of the face closest to the aching tooth, and that’s it. The tooth pain will simply go away.

Source by Eric Simms