Whatever breed of dog you have, you need grooming tools. The recommendation of experts is to maintain a habit of grooming your dog at a very young age. Grooming will then become a way to pleasantly bond with your pet, and make it a part of its regular routine.

The brushes that are commonly used to groom dogs are as follows:

Bristle brushes

These are suitable for all dog breeds. For dogs that have longer coats, opt for brushes that have longer and widely spaced bristles.

Wire-pin brushes

This is best for dogs with longer hair, but not recommended for those with short hair. This is also appropriate if their hair is curly or very thick.

Slicker brush

This is one type of bristle brush that has very fine bristles. This is great for detangling your dog’s hair.


This is best for dogs with medium to long hair length, especially those that shed regularly or during a particular season.

The skin and fur of your dog is a lot different from your own. Aside from using the right brushes, you should pick the shampoo and conditioner that best suits their needs.


All living creatures should have fun, and these include dogs. The truth is, giving them toys will provide benefits that go beyond simple enjoyment. Toys allow them to be more physically and mentally active, as well as direct their excess energy towards behavior patterns that are more productive. In addition, a number of toys maintain good dental health.

Some of the most popular dog toys are the following:

Food- dispensing toys

What could be better than toys that are not only enjoyable, but tasty as well? Under this category of toys, perhaps the most popular example is Kong’s.

Tug toys

All dogs love to play tug-of-war games. However, you should be careful about playing this kind of game with your dog. There should be rules and limits to playing tug with them, or else this could lead to some dogs becoming too aggressive. When tug games are done right, they can be a lot of fun for both man and dog.

Fetch toys

With wonderful fetch toys like balls and Frisbees, you do not need to let your dog chase an ordinary stick. Keep in mind that such toys should be made of soft plastic to avoid dental damage caused by hard plastic. Dogs also love to fetch tennis balls, but be sure they are meant for dogs and not for the tennis sport, which can actually scrape your dog’s teeth enamel.

Chew Toys

These toys are great for making your dogs busy, especially when they are alone. It is best, though, to still keep an eye on them even when you are occupied with other chores. This is to make sure that your pet does not eat or swallow big pieces. As a rule, it is important to avoid giving indigestible chew toys. Besides, very hard chew toys can damage their teeth. Find out if a chew toy is too hard by trying to hit it on your knee. When it causes pain, then, it is way too hard to chew.

Provide Your Dog with the Comforts of Home

Just like your home, which is warm, cozy and comfortable, your dog would like to live in the same environment with all the things he loves and needs within reach.

Source by Tippfein Klaus