Your mouth is an area that you cannot afford to dismiss as far as hygiene is concerned. When you don’t effectively clean your teeth and your mouth, the result will be that your mouth will emit a very serious odor. This will give the impression that you never really did prepare and groom yourself in the morning. This is a situation that is very embarrassing and you would not want to find yourself in such a predicament. To prevent this from happening to you, you should equip yourself with tips on how to make sure your dental hygiene is always at its best since poor dental hygiene doesn’t only lead to bad breathe but can also lead to various gum diseases. In chronic cases, poor dental hygiene can cause you to suffer from heart diseases and also bone loss. Regular dental checkups can help you avoid these consequences, but you will also have to adapt and practice good oral hygiene habits so as to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Here are some tips to follow to achieve healthy teeth:

1. Brush your teeth properly.

There are different ways you could be brushing your teeth. However, they are some methods that could actually lead to you harming your gums. There is a correct and effective way of brushing your teeth. This is making sure that the bristles of your tooth brush are at an angle of forty five degrees to your gum line. The surface of the tooth and gum line should have equal contact to the bristles. Do not allow the bristles to have more contact with the gum line because this will irritate your gums and may cause swelling. The outer surfaces of the teeth should be brushed in a back and forth and up and down movement as long as you are brushing gently. You should finally brush the roof of your mouth as well as your tongue so as to prevent bad breath.

2. Take sodas and coffee sparingly.

Beverages like sodas and coffee usually have a high level of phosphorus as an ingredient. Phosphorus is essentially a good mineral and is necessary for a healthy mouth, but too much of this mineral can reduce the body’s level of calcium. This can cause problems like tooth decay and even other gum diseases. There are beverages that do contain additives like food dye and corn syrup. This can affect your healthy white teeth, making them look dull and lose their white color.

3. Take in calcium and other vital vitamins that are useful to the body.

Calcium that is present in milk is very helpful for your bones and as well as your teeth. It is also present in other dairy products like milk. You can take calcium supplements as recommended by your doctor.

Source by William Jam Smith