The elderly tooth to be cautious

Organ of the elderly have diminished, poor stress, lower resistance to infection, tooth extraction may lead to aggravation of the original disease and infection, must be prepared to appropriate preventive. Be careful with the elderly tooth extraction, dental hospitals and doctors, we must do the following to the elderly before extraction.

First of all, to be asked in detail about the history. Elderly often suffer from a variety of diseases, on the history of statements is often unclear, the dentist should be family members of patients to understand health and past medical history of the elderly, the statement of the history of the patients to collate and analyze a preliminary assessment of the patient’s health status as a pull teeth before the reference, which is the tooth before the necessary preparations.

Secondly, the dentist to the elderly has focused on physical examination. Geriatrics, chronic, insidious onset and slow development. But the elderly are often a variety of diseases exist between mutual influence in the disease. Previously found only a disease of the elderly, but also actively look for other abnormalities. Mainly the What is the risk of coronary heart disease need to pay attention following five check to see whether the elderly suitable for extraction.

1. Measuring blood pressure, a high prevalence of hypertension in the elderly, extraction before blood pressure measurement, blood pressure values ​​does not exceed 160/95 mm Hg extraction. Tooth extraction in patients with the extraction should be prepared to patiently explain the work, necessary to give appropriate sedative drugs to prevent tooth extraction in patients with mental stress cause high blood pressure. It should also be the prevention of hypotension.

2. Laboratory tests, usually first check of routine blood and coagulation tests, and can understand the patients with or without anemia, clotting mechanism, whether the abnormal and the presence of other blood diseases.

3. ECG can provide first-hand information about the heart condition. Understand the situation of the patient’s heart rate, myocardial blood supply and the presence of arrhythmia. According to the inspection results, combined with patient history, assessment of cardiac function, determine whether it is appropriate to the line extraction surgery.

4. Endocrine checks to review blood glucose and thyroid function in elderly patients with a history of diabetes and thyroid disease, tooth extraction. Before and after the extraction to give the medications to control diabetes and Do not have to worry about orthodontics and more extraction thyroid disease, and antibiotic prophylaxis.

5. Other tests. Extraction for elderly patients suffering from other chronic diseases, the former should be targeted to check, if chronic liver, kidney disease, you should check liver and kidney function, to ensure that the tooth extraction in relatively safe circumstances.

Finally, systemic diseases, appropriate treatment. For elderly patients with systemic disease, tooth extraction should be the relevant sections of the doctor for diagnosis and treatment, disease control within the scope for extraction.

Organ of the elderly have diminished, poor stress, lower resistance to infection, tooth extraction may lead to aggravation of preexisting diseases and infections, tooth extraction must choose a formal oral hospital in order to assure the physical harm.

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