The Best Way to Get White Teeth Quickly and Without Pain

Did you know that one of the most common questions many of our readers ask, especially those new to teeth whitening techniques is whether or not the process is painful? It’s true….and while many of us who have lots of experience with tooth whitening systems of different types and stripes may chuckle a bit at the question….it’s actually a pretty legitimate one, and one that needs an honest answer to boot!

So does whitening your teeth either in the dental chair, OR at home hurt, or is it as painless as many of the advertisers say?

The truth is some people DO report discomfort when going through a dental office visit to have their whitening done, but that’s typically because some people just hate going to the dentist! Yes, you can find yourself in some “discomfort” if you are having your procedure done at the office, but that’s typically associated with your nerves (and NOT the ones in your teeth..:-) and seating and mouth position, etc. The whitening itself should be painless.

If you are whitening at home? You should have no pain whatsoever in general….with ONE exception. If you have exceptionally sensitive teeth or gums, you may find the process makes them more sensitive, especially immediately after removing the trays or gel. This usually passes within 24 hours, and for most people is a non issue completely. (sensitivity seems to arise when drinking hot and cold beverages only, and again, in most cases, if it occurs, it passes within a day or so as your teeth get acclimated to the product)

So what is the best way to whiten your teeth without discomfort?

Simple! Do it from home, and simply make sure you pick a product that not only works, but has  proven track record of success before you do. And remember, if you are sensitive to gel you are going to be in the minority….but PLEASE make sure you try it inexpensively from home, rather than finding out on the dentist’s chair after blowing a big wad of cash and having to “quit” halfway through. (and trust me, I know someone who did just that!)

Bonus Tip: Remember, many of the popular home based teeth whitening products are total scams!  Painted  or brushed on products, strips, and even special toothpastes and low grade bleaching gels may sound good…..but are really a complete waste of your time, energy and income to boot.

If you truly want whiter teeth, and want to make it happen in a hurry, Nutrabrite’s patented system for dramatically whitening your teeth while fortifying your smile with essential minerals and nutrients is the ONLY real choice for those of us who need a killer smile that truly turns heads..;-)

Do we recommend anything else?  Absolutely not!  If you DON’T want to spend the money at the Dentist’s office, the only choice left is Nutrabrite, and for a limited time… can  get whiter teeth almost for FREE as well!

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Source by Tina Bardo

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