Swollen Gums Around Teeth: What Does it Mean?

There are numerous reasons why you can experience swollen gums around teeth. The top cause is gum disease, but there are some other contributing factors as well. If you notice a swollen gum around tooth your surest bet is to see your dental practitioner as soon as you possibly can. This way you can treat the condition before it spirals out of control and becomes worse. In some cases it just may be something minor, and in other cases something far more serious.

Swollen Gums Around Teeth Could be From Irritation Our gums are very tender and delicate and they can be easily irritated which can cause swollen gums around teeth. Eating spicy foods, for example, can cause swollen gums around teeth because they can become inflamed and swell as a result.

Drinking caffeinated beverages or alcoholic beverages, eating hot or cold foods, or foods that you are allergic to, or even being sick are all contributors to swollen gums around teeth.

Swollen Gum Around Tooth Can Be From Gum Infection A top cause of swollen gums around tooth is from the infection of the gums. Generally this is related to various types of gum diseases, which are in essence an infection of the gums.

However, swollen gum around tooth can also mean that the gums are infected from a tooth being infected. The best way to know for sure is by being examined at your dentist’s office and getting an expert diagnoses as to why you have swollen gums around tooth.

Swollen Gum Around Teeth Can Be a Sign of Gum Disease Did you know that experts estimate that more than seventy percent of all people worldwide suffer from some form of a gum disease. That’s a lot of people when you do the math.

Gum disease can cause swollen gums around teeth because they are infected and combating bacteria that are contributing to the disease itself. The gums will become swollen with pockets of bacteria, and if left untreated could result in tooth loss, receding gum lines or other serious Dental Diseases.

Swollen Gums Around Tooth Can Mean There’s an Infected Tooth An infected tooth can cause much trouble, pain and overall discomfort for the sufferer. When a tooth becomes infected it most often is due to decay or repeated dental procedures on that tooth. Generally the root becomes inflamed and the nerve becomes infected or irritated.

When the infection infects the canals of the roots, it does not have anywhere else to go but to the gums. This is a leading cause of Swollen Gum Around Teeth. If you suffer from or noticed a swollen gum around tooth, it’s best to see your dentist as soon as possible so you can diagnose your condition and seek effective treatment.

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