Studies show that 30% of Americans are afraid of dentists. They are terrified by the sight of dental tools. They are frightened by drilling sounds made during dental treatment. Fear of dentists is known as dental phobia. Many kids and adults are deprived of proper dental care because of this fear. Hence, dentists have developed new technology to simplify dental operations. In Chicago, dentists use laser in dental procedures.

The use of laser technology in dental operations is called laser dentistry. Laser dentistry minimizes bleeding and drilling on the gums. Dentists use two types of lasers: hard-tissue and soft-tissue lasers. Hard-tissue lasers are used in the diagnosis of dental problems. Low-intensity laser beams can detect cavity buildup on teeth. They produce a reading of by-products of tooth decay. Likewise, hard-tissue laser is used in dental filling and tubule sealing operations. It kills bacteria on cavities and seals tubules on the root and pulp. Hard-tissue lasers minimize tooth sensitivity and eliminate tooth gaps.

Soft-tissue lasers are used in crown lengthening procedures. They reshape gum tissues and bones. This aids in tooth restoration. Lasers help provide a strong foundation for new teeth. Likewise, dentists use lasers in adjusting soft tissue folds, muscle attachment, and tongue placement. Lasers remove soft-tissue folds from ill-fitting dentures. It exposes healthy tooth structure, and, at the same time, helps improve a person’s oral appearance.

Lasers also treat speech impediments. Experts in painless laser dentistry Chicago perform laser frenectomy to adjust tongue placement on the mouth. This eliminates tongue-tie syndrome among children. It solves difficulty in breastfeeding among infants and toddlers. Other uses of dental lasers are for tumor diagnosis, nerve regeneration, teeth whitening, and temporomandibular joint treatment.

Professionals in painless laser dentistry Chicago say laser technology encourages regular dental check-ups. During laser diagnoses and treatments, patients are unable to feel pain on the gums. Dentists do not need to stitch the gums after gum drilling. Lasers pass through the soft and hard tissues on the gums and jaw bones. This eliminates the need for manual drilling and boring of holes. Lasers minimize pain and bleeding.

Painless laser dentistry Chicago is one of the most sough-after dental treatments in the country. Laser dentistry helps eliminate dental phobia in patients. Through this, patients are able to maintain good oral hygiene.

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