Advancement in cosmetic dental surgery and various treatment equipments have led to increased demand for various long-term cosmetic treatments in this field. This has also led to increased number of dentists opting for cosmetic dentistry. Although, cosmetic dentistry has made it possible to solve almost all kinds of dental issues which were considered as irreversible in the past. However, these modern treatment modalities are associated with increased risks too. Hence, before opting for any long term dental procedure, you should inquire into its possible side effects.

One of the riskiest long term dental procedures is a dental implant surgery. Getting a dental implant involves more complications than getting an implant in any other part of your body. This is because oral cavity is exposed to foreign bodies by way of food particles and other chemicals. This easily increases the risk of infection inside or near the implant. Implants are made of titanium hence they do not cause any form of infection but the problem arises when a microorganism escapes into this implant cavity from the surrounding tissue. Normally, there are several harmful and harmless bacterial reactions going on in our oral cavity but they do not pose any kind of serious threat to our dental or oral health. But in case of an unhealed wound present in your oral cavity, these bacterial actions can prove dangerous. This is the reason why dental implants are often associated with risk factors like severe infection, pain, swelling, and bleeding.

Placement of adhesive teeth is a viable alternative to dental implants. They are noninvasive but they may require timely maintenance. But certainly they are less risky and less expensive than getting dental implants.

Another long term procedures includes placement of braces. They are far less complicated than implants but certainly they can cause lot of discomfort. However, the level of discomfort weans off after the initial stages in this procedure. Teeth straightening is a lengthy procedure and its success depends upon the experience of your cosmetic surgeon. In several cases, the treatment has caused issues like weakening of teeth, toothache and infections. The dentist should follow the correct degree of correction required at each stage of the procedure. In case the teeth are excessively aligned to a wrong position, this can cause troubles associated with proper chewing and biting. The dentist should know the right time for withdrawing the treatment and this stage varies depending upon the patient’s response to the treatment.

Long term cosmetic dental procedures need special attention and care even after the treatment is over. This is yet another issue that causes failure of long term procedures. Once the patient gets the desired result, both the dentist as well as the patient ignores the maintenance part. This causes the teeth to move back to their previous positions. So, post treatment care should be given special consideration if you are on for a cosmetic dental treatment.

Source by James Maloney