Invisalign at Any Age

Invisalign has had a lot of appeal for adults since its introduction. Rather than conceding to being embarrassed by a mouth of metal wires and brackets, straight teeth are now within grasp for more people. Work and social situations no longer a consideration influencing orthodontic treatments.

A recent look at the demographic information for those who use the Invisalign products shows that it has opened doors for people of all ages. Rather than only having braces in the teenage years or early adulthood, those entering retirement are also using them. It is never too late to improve your dental situation and finding a new confidence in your smile.

The Basic Process

Custom-made, invisible aligners are made in the office of an Invisalign provider. Every few weeks you get new trays to keep the progress going. What many people don’t realize is that this treatment is used for more than just straightening teeth, including dental problems like

· Overbites

· Underbites

· Cross bites

· Open bites

· Gaps

· Overcrowded mouths

Because the trays are removable, there is no learning curve required for basic dental care. With traditional wire and bracket braces, special methods for flossing and brushing are taught to prevent staining on the tooth surface after they are removed. These are non-issues because you can remove the trays to brush and floss your teeth as usual.

Another benefit of Invisalign is that the trays are custom fit to your mouth. This means they have a more secure fit and hug your teeth tightly. Even if you choose to wear your straighteners out in public, no one will notice them because they won’t impair your speech.

Does It Work with Older Teeth?

Invisalign is a great option for anyone with healthy gums and permanent teeth. The biggest concern with older patients is periodontal disease or other issues in the gums. It is beneficial to fix teeth with any misalignment issues or overlaps because they contribute to poor tooth and gum health. If the entire tooth cannot be cleaned properly and awkward gaps against the gums are trapping bacteria, gum disease is just around the corner. Misalignments can cause painful problems in the jaw and joints. Having a healthy mouth is important at any age.

Why Consider Them Later in Life?

More patients over the age of 50 are looking for orthodontic treatments than ever before. As people keep their teeth longer in life, they are no longer accepting dentures as a natural aspect of aging. With the funds and desire to fix them later in life, there is no reason to put off straightening your teeth. Still, some wonder if it is worth the time and effort to fix them after so many years.

Aside from having a healthier mouth, people love straight teeth because they make you look and feel younger. Many experience a slipping or sliding or their teeth as they age, which contributes to a slight change in face shape. Getting that straight, beautiful smile you have always wanted really does improve your overall appearance. Now thanks for Invisalign, you can do it easier than ever before.

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