If a tooth is removed, including bacteria that live in the mouth, and even more so with those who have poor oral hygiene. Infections are very common following extractions. Depending on the severity of the tooth was removed, the dentist may prescribe an antibiotic to take, which is largely reduce the potential risk of infection. In some cases, however, can not even antibiotics to prevent infection.

If you go to the dentist before the extraction experienced swelling of the face, swollen gums, pain in teeth with light pressure, or bleeding in the mining area, then you already may have an infection. If you really have an infection, get treatment before the tooth, the dentist prescribed antibiotics for use after treatment. If you’re really bad abscess, you should use antibiotics to treat the infection before the dentist to extract the tooth.

In some cases, people develop an infection after the extraction, even if they were infected before. The reason is bacteria. After extraction, the bacteria in the mouth of her life than ever. The extraction site to keep the bacteria in a position in space. This can lead to contamination of the suspension of the city, and the fact that they are not capable of mouthwash or brush during the first 24 to 48 hours. It is able to sterilize your mouth means you can not kill the germs responsible for bacteria.

After extraction, the first sign of infection rebleeding. This usually takes about 48 hours after extraction. Although it is often difficult, but you should contact your dentist and make an appointment to see. Your dentist can stop the bleeding and given some antibiotics and other issues to solve the problem.

Some dentists prefer patients antibiotics before any kind of promotion. Although you can not have an abscess, most dentists prefer to get rid of the infection, before starting work. They do it because they know that local anesthesia does not work well with all infections, and can provide a lot of work and a lot of drugs to numb the area that has for contamination

In the event that removed the tooth and the dentist can not simply wait a few days, it is possible you stunned. Although very little of the medicine to numb the area for use can be made. Sometimes they decide to help dentists intravenous sedation or laughing gas, if no local anesthesia. An IV sedation will normally put to sleep or be removed so the dentist’s teeth, you can remove that caused so many problems.

Although infections can cause severe pain and must be corrected immediately, you can not antibiotics when the dentist extracted the tooth. If your mouth is clean and there are many microbes that can usually be treated care. Rinse your mouth with salt water on the first day to keep clean the extraction site. While you take care of the collection site and do what your dentist tells you, no more problems in mining or infection.

Source by George Sandler