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Implant Dentistry has traveled a long way since time immemorial to this age of Computer.Dental Implants in India is not a new concept.Dental implants in India is associated with modern dentistry.

Dental Implant is titanium structure which when placed inside the jaw bones acts like a root on which the lost tooth can be reconstructed / fabricated.Implant surgery is performed generally under local anesthesia or for complicated cases even under general anesthesia by trained and certified clinicians. A single implant procedure takes less than an hour; multiple implants can be installed in a single surgical session lasting a while longer. Healing and integration of the implants with jawbone occurs over three to six months in a process called Osseo integration after which the crowns/bridges are fabricated and attached to the implants.

Implant placement could be one stage or two-stage surgery protocols depending upon the area, the bone volume and density, infections etc.

In carefully selected cases patients can be implanted and restored in a single surgery, in a procedure labeled “Immediate Loading”. In such cases a provisional prosthetic tooth or crown is shaped to avoid the force of the bite transferring to the implant while it integrates with the bone. There are different approaches to place dental implants after tooth extraction. The approaches are:

1. Immediate post-extraction implant placement.
2. Delayed immediate post-extraction implant placement (2 weeks to 3 months after extraction).
3. Late implantation (3 months or more after tooth extraction).

According to the timing of fabricating the tooth crown over the dental implants, the procedure could be classified into:

1. Immediate loading procedure.
2. Early loading (1 week to 12 weeks).
3. Delayed loading (over 3 months)

Dental implant success is related to operator skill, quality and quantity of the bone available at the site, and the patient’s oral hygiene. The general consensus of opinion is that implants carry a success rate of around 95%. . The most important factors that determine implant success is the achievement and maintenance of implant stability. Other contributing factors to the success of dental implant placement, as with most surgical procedures, include the patient’s overall general health and compliance with post-surgical care.

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