A five year old student was told by his teacher that he had to eat the healthy parts of his lunch before he could eat his treats. The child insisted that his fruit roll-up was the same as fruit, which is very healthy. In fact, fruit snacks are among the worst things children can eat when it comes to dental health.

“There are hidden dangers in kid’s diets, things that you wouldn’t consider as being a bad snack but are actually pretty bad for your teeth,” points out Dr. Stacey Yandoli, a pediatric dentist at Your Child’s Very Own Dentist in Sewell, NJ. “Fruit snacks and fruit roll-ups are sometimes advertised as being healthy, like fruit, and maybe have Vitamin C in them. But, they are so sticky and high in sugar that they don’t come off the teeth, even with good brushing.”

Juice is another problem for children’s teeth, as it’s so high in sugar content. Parents think that by diluting juice with water, they are fixing the problem, yet, by sipping even diluted juice out of a sippy cup all day, the kids are still bathing their teeth in sugar constantly. “Your mouth never goes back to a good environment to fight decay,” says Dr. Yandoli.

There are so many choices we can give our kids when it comes to treats. Sweets like chocolate are easily brushed away, which makes them better than sticky candy for your children’s teeth. Some candy companies point out the vitamin C in fruit snacks, but there are many sources of vitamin C that won’t cause tooth decay.

Source by Terri Akman