Teeth and gums are important. They require regular care to remain as healthy and perfect as needed. We should brush the teeth twice a day, floss it regularly and then scrape the tongue to follow dental care routine in a standard manner. Dentists advise us to use toothbrush with soft bristles and they also encourage us to buy only fluoride-rich toothpaste. We need to take all these steps to keep the tooth and gums away from decay and similar problems. Some people however follow all these dental care tips regularly but even then, face problems to their teeth and gums.

Where do they go wrong? Well, they must not be eating right as not having a balanced diet is one of major reasons of diseases to teeth and gums. This problem often crops up due to either our lack of knowledge about healthy foods or due to our inability to follow the recommendations of the dentist. In either way, we end up eating lots of food rich in acids and sugars. This is how we’re lead to cavities, tooth decay and a variety of other periodontal diseases. So, we should first know those foods helpful to our dental health and then include them in the diet.

Unless these foods are consumed on a regular basis, our teeth and gums won’t be able to get the required kind of nutrients and elements needed for superior dental health. This is why dentists consistently ask us to include in the diet foods rich in calcium and phosphorous. These minerals are found in foods as varied as cheese, milk, seafood, almonds, yogurt, fish and eggs. Similarly, our diet should be rich in crunchy and firm foods high in water and they include celery, apples, cucumbers and carrots. Our teeth and gums also need foods rich in vitamin D which are found in fish, egg yolks and in the sunlight.

In addition, dentists ask us to consume more of foods rich in vitamin C to help gums and teeth at the same time. So, make your diet rich in organs, broccoli and strawberries to keep the gums away from sensitivity and inflammation-related issues. Foods rich in antioxidants are also very helpful as they protect gums and keep the harmful bacteria away. Such foods include apples, beans, grapes and nuts. Foods rich in probiotics (like yogurt) are a great way to keep the mouth full of good bacteria and fight off a lot of potential dental diseases.

In overall, these are some of helpful foods that we should eat or include in the diet to keep the teeth and gums away from risks. Most of these foods are easily available at stores near you and having them should never be a problem. Together with eating them, you also need to curb bad or harmful foods and drinks else the entire purpose will be lost. The best way is to consult a dentist and get the teeth and gums examined and check-up done. After that, ask the dentist to prepare a list of foods for healthy teeth and gums.

Source by Prince Kumar