The Sonicare Electric toothbrush is a good example of how senior citizens have product choices today that can cater to their needs. Seniors have special needs when it comes to oral hygiene because they often have tender gums. The sore gums can be due to medications, dentures, or the normal aging process.When you wear dentures it’s crucial to keep the gums healthy and the remaining teeth clean and cavity free.

A sonic toothbrush is easy on the gums and teeth as the vibrations clean away bacteria that can lead to infection. Wearing dentures can be uncomfortable under the best of circumstances, but when the gums are sore and tender they are painful.The new electric toothbrush models have multiple settings too. If gums or teeth are particularly sensitive one day, you can simply select a slower speed. The timer will tell you when you have brushed long enough. Some even have timers that tell you while you are still brushing when it’s time to change brush location. That way you know for sure you have brushed all your teeth and have not accidentally left an area unclean.

No Battery Fumbling

The new electric toothbrushes have other features too that make them ideal for the elderly user. Senior citizens often have arthritic joints in their hands and have lost strength in their wrists. That can make it difficult to even manually brush teeth.The electric toothbrush is easy to grip with an ergonomically designed handle. In two minutes your teeth are cleaned with a sonic toothbrush. The new units are also lightweight.Just as importantly is the fact the battery is built into the handle of the toothbrush and does not have to be replaced. There is no fumbling for batteries and the toothbrush is always ready for use for up to a two week period. But just set the brush unit in the charger after each use and you don’t even have to remember to recharge the toothbrush due to a low battery.

Respecting Seniors

There are so many products on the market that are simply not suitable for senior citizens. The Sonic electric toothbrush is one example of a product that is very accommodating to elderly needs.If you remember electric toothbrushes from years ago, you probably remember heavy bulky units with a charger that takes up a lot of space. That does not correctly describe the sonic toothbrush on the market today. Senior citizens will find that oral hygiene is much easier to manage using the lightweight modern units.

Source by Julie-Ann Amos