A stunning result surfaced when about 31% of the students in 3rd grade out of the 7100 tested had been found to have tooth decay or cavities. During that study it was also found that dental issue was one of the biggest causes of absenteeism of kids from schools.

These statistics prompted the government to take steps to prevent the occurrence of tooth decay and cavities among children. Therefore the government is collaborating with the concerned organizations and departments to make sure that all the necessary steps are taken to ensure that this better dental protection is provided to all kids.

The authorities have planned to start in all the schools of the state is to have the kids undergo a procedure known as deal sealant. This procedure can be performed by dentists as well as dental hygienists. This will protect the teeth from developing any cavities or decays.

It is important to mention here that these sealants cover the groves of the teeth and it is where most of the decay takes place. Sealants are just forming a barrier between the teeth and the bacteria that can initiate the process of decay. The studies conducted have shown that sealants can reduce the process of decay by about 70%.

Another important fact that needs a mention here is the rapid health decline with tooth loss accompanied with pain and swelling and above all the irritation and frustration that it causes to the kids. So I believe that most governments should take note of this really good planning and strategy to save kids from dental cavities and decay.

Source by Angela Rogers