Dental Hygiene after Dental Implants

Dental implants are a form of cosmetic dentistry that uses artificial teeth when natural teeth need replacing. The importance of keeping your mouth clean after having dental implants is paramount, cleaning your tooth properly plays a vital part in your mouth’s healing process after the implants have been put in. Problems such as peri-implant gingivitis and peri-implant osteitis are common in patients who do not care for their new implants properly.

Just as with natural teeth; artificial teeth should be cleaned after every meal using specialist cleaning tools. Patients who care for their implants can enjoy using them for many years and gentle and consistent cleaning will keep them plaque-free. The majority of people who receive dental implants, do so due to tooth loss, trauma to the mouth from an accident, congenital defects, gum disease, failure of root canal surgery or through excessive wear and tear of natural teeth.

How to clean prosthetic teeth

Some of the best ways to maintain dental hygiene after receiving new dental implants are:

  • Ask your dentist for advice
  • Clean the abutments with a small tooth brush
  • An interdental brush for cleaning the abutments can also be used
  • A bent handle on the toothbrush allows you to reach behind the teeth
  • Gums should be kept clean by using a special floss or gauze that will also clean the abutments and artificial teeth
  • Use a plastic toothpick for removing food form around your implant after a meal
  • Never use metal objects to remove food as the titanium post holding the tooth may end up scratched which will lead to a buildup of bacteria causing anything from a gum infection to the loss of the implant.

Dental implants are not real, so why do they need to be cleaned?

Dental implants are a part of your mouth; a breeding ground for germs. In order for them to last as long as possible and look great from an aesthetic point of view they should be treated as natural teeth are. Many choose to clean their teeth in the morning and last thing at night but dentists recommend cleaning after every meal to keep teeth clean and dental implants should be treated with the same care.

Dental implants are usually made from porcelain and infections through a lack of hygiene after the implants are attached can easily be avoided. Most infections post-implant will happen between the tooth and the bone where the tooth has been fixed and this primarily is caused by a buildup of bacteria. Cleaning your dental implants regularly will ensure that infections are kept at bay and they look and feel good.

How to clean dental implants?

Here are some brushing tips to follow for keeping your dental implants clean:

Removable prosthesis:

  • Take the removable teeth out and brush them thoroughly both on the inside and the outer edges. Floss and brush around the abutments and brush the gums thoroughly.

Fixed prosthesis:

  • Brush your dental implants as you would your natural teeth. Get behind the implants and make sure that you brush the abutments then finally floss the abutments from side to side as well as front to back.

Another great way to keep your dental implants clean and healthy is to get regular check-ups at your dentist. Who can advise on repairs, additional cleaning, the stability of your anchors whilst the health of your jaw and gums can be monitored.

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