Careington Dental Plans Too Good To Be True

Careington Dental Plans – Too Good To Be True?

Dental plans are pitched to individuals and families as an affordable and easy to use alternative to dental insurance. The promise is that dental plans can save you money on nearly all dental care. But compared to traditional dental insurance, Careington dental plans cost far less, no waiting periods are required, there are no annual benefit limits, and best of all, “pre-existing” dental conditions are accepted immediately.

Are these dental plan claims too good to be true?

The simple answer is no, these claims are indeed valid. The fact that tens of millions of Americans save money with dental plans every year is testament to the fact that dental plans can and do work.

In order to understand how dental plans are able to offer such generous benefits at a low cost, with no waiting periods, etc., first you must understand why dental plans work.

The answer is “collective buying power.” In essence, a dental plan, or more properly “discount dental plan” works like a buying club for dental services. Using the collective buying power of a large membership base, a discount dental plan is able to negotiate discounted dental fees for its members.

While dentists are offering their services at a discounted rate, it is still beneficial for them because they increase their patient volume. This is important because dental offices have fixed costs, such as salaries, office rent, utilities, insurance, etc., which remain the same regardless of how many patients are seen in any given month. Therefore, it is imperative for a dental office to generate a certain amount of revenue every month in order to cover these fixed costs.

Dental plan members benefit because they are getting dental services at a discounted rate. The discounts are applied by the dental office at the time of service, so unlike dental insurance, there are no claim forms to file and no reimbursements are made to the dental office. This means far lower administrative costs for the dental plan, so the cost of dental plan membership is far less than the cost of traditional dental insurance. In sum, a discount dental plan is a true win-win for everyone involved.

Because dental plans rely on collective buying power, bigger is better. A large membership base allows a dental plan to attract more dentists and to negotiate better discounts on behalf of its membership. With over eight million members nationwide, CAREINGTON Dental Plan is one of the oldest and largest in America. Thanks to its experience and large membership base, CAREINGTON has been able to develop one of the largest dental provider networks in the industry, while negotiating some of the lowest dental fees for its members.

You can find all details of the CAREINGTON Dental Plan at Dental Plans Pro. To make your research easier, this website has separate pages devoted to dental plan details for each individual state. Simply navigate to your State page and you will find all information laid out in an easy, step-by-step format.

By Ted Gale

Liberty Insurance Brokerage, Inc.

Dental Plans Specialist

Source by Joshua Cabe Johnson

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