Where teeth without cavity add to the beauty of your mouth and certify that your mouth is healthy, on the other hand, if any of your teeth is having cavity that neither gives a good look nor allows you to say that your teeth are healthy. As a result, a negative feeling starts cropping up in you. In addition, when you find an opportunity to cachinnate, you do not but just chuckle. If you no longer want to have this experience then dental filling can surely help you by giving your effected teeth natural look. This major advantage of dental filling has encouraged more and more people with dental cavities to adopt the procedure of dental filling.

Normally dental filling is of two types. First, one is known as white dental filling and second is commonly known as silver filling. However, here white dental filling is going to be broached. White dental filling is also known as composite filling. It is called white dental filling because the material applied to dental filling is tooth-colored. This tooth-colored material do not give your teeth any kind of affected look but gives your teeth quite natural look. The whole process of white dental filling is quite simple and can easily be completed by your dentist in your single visit to the dentist. There is one another reason that is responsible for the popularity of white dental filling. White dental filling requires a very little part of your tooth to be etched to carry on the dental filling process. The material that is used for dental filling quickly gets fused to the original part of the teeth.

However, white dental filling also does have one drawback, which it important to be expatiated. That major drawback of white dental filling is that sometimes it makes our effected teeth more sensitive to hot and cold things. Despite using dentin-bonding agent, this problem is creating problem to dentist and patients as well. Due to this, many times dentists have been found reiterating the same process on the same teeth again. This above mentioned procedure is taken in use for filling up normal cavities. However, for treating major cavities other materials known as composite inlays and porcelain inlays are commonly used. No doubt, dental filling is advised in many cases but before going to dentist for dental filling, you must ponder over the various pros and cons of dental filling and then should take any decision.

Source by Anupam Agnihotri