5 Tips to Create a Good Dental Website Design

The website of your dental clinic is your best asset that can entice viewers to become patients and patients to be repeat patients. When viewers land your page, they give about six seconds to decide whether or not to proceed exploring. Six seconds is an extremely short amount of time, so you have to do your best to capture them. As the saying goes, “first impressions last”, and these tips will help you create a first impression that will not only last, but also impress:


  1. 1.       Focus on the patient. To be honest, nobody cares if you have the best dental logosor dental designif they don’t find what they need on your website. Your homepage should clearly state how your dental practice will help patients and why they should choose you over other competitors. Don’t just state that you have the best orthodontics treatments in town; say why they need it, what it will do for them, and what makes it the best. Address consumers’ key needs and concerns so that they will be more convinced to try your services. You can also include patient testimonials and discussions of patient-friendly dental approach to further interest them.


  1. 2.       Use multimedia wisely. One of the current trends of dental website designis using quality photos on the homepage. Viewers love large, quality photos of smiling people on the homepage because of the emotions they provoke. Use relatable photos, meaning photos of real people in their natural settings, not a close-to-perfect model who looks like she never had a dental problem ever. It’s better if you include family photos because everybody can relate to wanting a happy family. If you’re going to feature an animation or video on your homepage, make sure they don’t auto-play and they have play/pause button. Viewers like to have freedom to choose if they wish to watch videos or not.
  2. 3.       Create a pleasant “Meet the Doctor” page. This is the most visited page in patient-related websites so pay careful attention. Your “Meet the Doctor” page should present your doctor as a loving, caring human being with his/her own life and family/friends. Don’t post a photo of the dentist in medical clothes or medical settings because it exudes coldness. It’s better to post a happy photo of him/her in casual clothes, and if possible, include the dentist’s child or other family members. Also present the dentist’s credentials in an engaging and conversational manner.
  3. 4.       Introduce your team. Another important element of a dental website is the “Meet the Team” section. In this section you should present a happy photo of every member of your team including a personalised message to patients. You should communicate that your team is dedicated to provide an excellent care to all patients.
  4. 5.       Keep it navigable and user-friendly. One of the most crucial features of dentist website designis its usability and ease of navigation. Don’t confuse your viewers; clearly show them where they can access certain information such as types of procedures offered, FAQs, credentials of dentists and team members, contact information, and so on.

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