Walking for Fitness

With Summer here, it seems an appropriate time to talk about walking for fitness. I wanted to talk about walking for several reasons, not the least of which being the health benefits that can come from it.

Walking for Fun and Fitness

According to an article I found by the Mayo Clinic, walking can produce the following benefits:
*It’s safe and easy (no practice needed)
*It’s low impact
*It can help put you in a better mood
*It can lower your LDL (or “lousy” cholesterol)
*It can help improve your HDL (or “happy” cholesterol)
*It can help lower blood pressure
*It can help you lose weight
*It can help reduce stress

Personally, walking would be worth it for the reduction in stress alone, but then, I have a pretty full household and it’s a great escape when I need a breather.

The Beauty of Walking

The beauty of walking is that you can do it just about anywhere without any major special equipment. All you need is a good, sturdy pair of walking shoes and appropriate clothing and you are set to go. You can also walk with friends and make it an outing. Walking with friends is actually a fantastic way to catch up on each other’s goings on, get some fresh air and exercise and it’s also a terrific way to measure your stride.

When you are walking for fitness, you should be slightly breathless but not completely out of breath and still able to carry on a conversation. When you hit that point, you know you are walking at a good pace that will not only help burn calories but increase the other health benefits as well.

Walking Clubs

If you look for excuses to do things with your friends because there’s not enough time in the day (believe me, I am so there with you) then start a walking club. It’s a great reason to get together and you can even bring your kids with you if they’re still at home. Our moms group at church goes to different Parks throughout the summer with the kids. Walking through some of the gardens is not only beautiful but refreshing and fun too. Everybody needs some beauty to look at.

If you’re working then form a group that can walk at lunch. Even 15 or 20 minutes of walking every day can be good for you. (Help you detox after your boss drives you crazy all morning!) If you want to walk and don’t know where to start, find a good personal trainer to help you with your fitness plan. That way, you can start your own walking for fun and fitness. Make strides!!

Source by Zach Hunt

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