Understanding The Psychology Of Physical Fitness For Tennis

Being physically fit is one of the most important requirements of playing tennis. Strength, intensity and sensitivity to tennis are only possible if all the physical, mental, and nervous systems of an individual player are in tune with one another. To achieve heightened this level of preparedness requires regular and methodical training on the part of the tennis player in order to succeed.

To keep and maintain the body’s peak efficiency, a tennis player needs regular hours of sleep and a healthy diet. Eating the proper diet is particularly important in order to be able to perform at peak levels and not sustain unnecessary injury or losses on the court. A tennis player should not drink nor smoke as these two substances will certainly degrade any amount of physical fitness and preparation in a very short period of time. Both substances affect a person’s ability to think clearly and objectively and affects a player’s ability to sustain prolonged physical activities which may be necessary at any given point during match play.

During the game itself, tennis players need all the concentration they can muster and this is only possible if their body and mental preparation is well done before the game. It is useless to worry before, during and after a match, what is important is to be able to play the game with all your heart including mental and physical abilities.

Never allow yourself to get nervous before a match as this would definitely slow you down.

All things being equal between you and your opponent, the match would eventually be won by the player who has undergone proper training, physical and mental conditioning. Do not lead yourself to believe that occasional training is enough; you should be aware that it is useless if you are serious about being a good tennis player.

A player’s physical conditioning is the telling factor that would ultimately decide how he can think while on the court. It is what he would eventually draw on for the extra strength and wind in order to bring the game to a conclusion in his favor.

One way to gain a psychological advantage over your opponent is to ensure that the crowd supports you! This is very easy to do since all a player has to do is to play to win the spectators’ sympathy. Play as a gentleman, enjoy the game and play cheerfully even if the game is not going in your favor. There are times when getting the crowd behind you would be enough to win the game. And if you don’t, they would still cheer you on since you have played the game for them!

Always keep in mind that a tennis player who enjoys a match for the game’s sake will always be perceived by the crowd as the personification of a fine sportsman, if you can do this then even before you step on the court you would already have won the support of the crowd. All you have to do is play your game and play it good for the win!

Source by Ryan Ginster

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