The isolation of specific muscles in the abdominal group is an important step in your tummy exercise routine, and this concept is often neglected. Specifically, the lower stomach muscles is a region that requires isolation to be properly exercised. There are a variety of exercises for the lower abdominals that isolate the muscles while working them out. Performing a proper warm up to avoid injuries and consulting a professional trainer prior to starting any workout routine should be the way to go. So, let’s see the best lower abdominal tummy exercises below.

Sit-Up Hold
Try this tummy exercise while you are lying on the floor. Get your feet flat on the floor by bending your knees and place your hands behind your head. Don’t put your elbows beside your head instead put them back apart where you can’t see them. Lift your shoulders from the floor utilizing the lower abdominals. Keep this pose for ten seconds. As this exercise decreases in difficulty, increase the amount of time you hold it. Make sure you aren’t lifting with your neck or arms but with the abdominals.

Lower Back Flatten
This exercise for the stomach starts by lying down with the feet flat and knees bent just like the sit-up hold’s basic position making it an amazing natural progression. The curve of the spine creates a natural space between the floor and your lower back which you might have noticed in the last exercise. You want to eliminate this space during this exercise by utilizing the lower abdominals to push the lower portion of the back to the floor. Focus on avoiding the use of the legs to push and use the lower abdominals only. As long as it’s the lower abdominals that do all the work, your pelvis can be allowed to rotate slightly. Keep the contraction for ten seconds after you get your back flat against the floor. When your muscles gain endurance and strength you should increase the amount of time for holding the contraction.

Crunch-less Crunch
While the crunch-less crunch can be rather difficult, it is actually simple. You are basically attempting to pull your belly button towards your spine. This involves the use of muscles you rarely activate which makes it tricky. This tummy exercise starts by kneeling or lying on your stomach. See which option (kneeling or lying) works best for you by trying both methods. The body should be as relaxed as possible, you will then attempt to pull your belly towards your spine utilizing just the muscles of the lower abdominals. Ten seconds is how long this should be held. Hold this position longer if it’s easy for you to achieve the ten seconds. You want to get the other muscles to work harder than the transverse abdominals or stop feeling the contraction before you release it. Release the contraction once you achieve this.

Toe Touching (Alternating)
This tummy exercise requires being flat on the floor. Using a towel or mat as a cushion for the spine while on the floor is easier. Put your feet up in the air while lying on the floor. Use the lower abdominals to lift the shoulders from the floor as you extend the right arm. Use your right hand to touch your left toes and then slowly lower yourself. Repeat the movement with the opposite arm. The space between your chest and chin should be maintained while the knees remain straight during the exercise.

Source by Glenn Prescot