If you need to focus your workout around the bottom part of your body, the Cybex Arc Trainer 750A is what you require. The equipment has all the functionalities of a Cybex Total Body Arc Trainer without the arm motion, so it provides lots of freedom and mobility for your bottom body. You will enjoy the numerous features and benefits provided by the device:

  1. It is load-dependent. This means that it won’t matter how much an individual weigh, every person who decides to use the Cybex Arc Trainer 750A will get exactly the same result provided you select the same workout level, you’ll receive the same outcome.
  2. It has a reverse arc motion. It’s equipped with a unique stride technology that make sure the toe in no way goes behind the knee and thus preventing any stress on the knee joints. Because of the reverse arc motion, the legs travel in the pathway which is biomechanically right; making sure that stress is equally dispersed among the hip and knees.
  3. Targets the muscle specifically. Work on specific muscle groups through the big selection of resistance and inclines.
  4. Three positions with three main workout areas. With these 3 different areas you have ultimate variety. Achieve “glide” activities whenever you place the equipment within the low position; “stride” is achieved when the equipment reaches medium position and “climb” is achieved when the equipment is in the high position.
  5. A number of programs. Set your workout to your particular need. One can find 8 Preset, 9 Custom, 2 Advanced and 1 User selectable Heart Rate control you could pick from. You can achieve many different types of outdoor workout in your house. Climb uphill and undergo adaptive power exercise; the decision is yours.
  6. Variety of colors. You don’t have to worry about getting the standard silver and gray workout machines. The Cybex Arc Trainer 750A is available in 5 stock colors and over 180 custom colors so that the equipment can tie in with your room plus your home. There is no other machine that can provide you this option.

Source by Arlene Tracey